spine surgeon

Deputy Director – National Center for Spinal Disorders, Budapest, Hungary
Chief – Department of Spine Surgery, Semmelweis University
President – Hungarian Spine Society
Steering Committee Member – AOSpine Knowledge Forum on Tumors
Chairperson – AOSpine Hungary


Dr. Lazary is working for patients suffered from various spinal problems. As a surgeon, he follows the rules of evidence-based medicine, combining the traditional surgical techniques with the up-to-date methods to provide the best outcome for each patient. As a scientist, he uses patient-specific diagnostic and therapeutic approach and he leads spine related innovative researches to develop new therapies and improve patient care.


Full spectrum of spine surgeries from microdiscectomy to complex reconstruction

A spine surgery can be complex and challenging because of the disease itself and/or the required surgical technique. On the other hand, following a patient-specific approach based on detailed diagnostic and preoperative planning process and the combination of less invasive and extended surgical methods in an qualified surgeon’s hands make these procedures successful with an acceptable complication rate.

Back pain treatment

There can be several structural or functional causes of low back or neck  pain. Patients with disc herniation, vertebral fracture, spinal stenosis or deformity are possible candidates for a successful surgical treatment.

Spine tumor removal

Surgical therapy is one – often a key – element in the complex management of primary or metastatic spinal tumors. These procedures are often challenging requiring high surgical skills and experience.

Deformity correction

Patients with progressive, painful deformities experience a more severe loss of quality of life than people after a heart attack. Surgical correction of these conditions are complex but efficient interventions.

Minimally invasive spine surgery

Most of the spinal pathologies can be treated via a less invasive way. Minimally invasive surgical techniques can provide the same clinical outcome with less complication rate and faster recovery.

My Approach

Spine surgery is one of the fastest developing fields of medicine, where innovative implants and modern surgical solutions can be combined to treat patients. In my practice, the patient is in the center of the therapeutic process. Pain relief, improved function and good quality of life are the goals of the treatment whether it is a surgical or non-surgical indication. I use the appropriate diagnostic tools and the evidence-based elements of the modern, patient-specific spine surgery but the best possible outcome can be reached only with the active participation of the patient.

"Dr. Lazary was not only professional, but there was always a nice smile on his face."

Agnes, 37y – cervical disc herniation surgery under pregnancy

"I can say that Dr. Aron Lazary is one of the best and most excellent medical professionals! Thank him for everything he did for me before, during and after the surgery. Conscientious, precise, friendly."

Adrienn, 27y – failed back revision surgery

"I would like to express my great gratitude to Dr. Aron Lazary, my physician. He did a perfect, professional job at my spine and in addition I have never experienced such a kindness and attention from a doctor."

Erika, 48y – failed back deformity correction

Comprehensive spine surgery

Modern spine care is the effective and safe combination of evidence-based diagnostic and surgical techniques and different patient-specific solutions providing the best outcome for the patients.

A recognized spine specialist

Dr. Lazary is a certified, highly qualified consultant spine surgeon and scientist, with more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, invited speakers of international spine conferences and educational events.

Awarded private health care facility

National Center for Spinal Disorders at the Buda Health Center is the largest spine hospital in Central Europe characterized by calming environment, high-tech infrastructure and advanced nursing.

Cost of a spine surgery

Cost of a spine surgery

Real cost of a spine surgery is dependent from the type of the surgery, the need for implants, the length of hospital stay. The variety in countries, the travel and accommodation costs highly influence the total expenses related to the surgical treatment of different...

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A number of health care providers offer different solutions for spinal surgeries all over the world. The diversity of quality and costs is very high even inside Europe. On the other hand, health tourism is more and more popular and patients seek for safe and high...

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Spine surgical consultation during the pandemic

Spine surgical consultation during the pandemic

Our private spine surgical consultation and spine care service is running in the Buda Health Center according to the relevant regulation. Examination and treatment are performed in accordance with the decree of the government. Safety of patients and health care...

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