Modern spine care is the effective and safe combination of evidence-based diagnostic and surgical techniques and different patient-specific solutions providing the best outcome for the patients.

Highly educated spine surgeons use modern, safe diagnostic tools to find the source of complaints, patient-specific approach for the decision on treatment and evidence-based spinal surgical techniques to cure the patient. In spine surgery, only the life-long learning process can provide the up-to-date knowledge and appropriate level of skills for the clinician. Complication rate, objective and subjective treatment outcome and patient-satisfaction together characterize a surgical practice.


Cost of a spine surgery

Real cost of a spine surgery is dependent from the type of the surgery, the need for implants, the length of hospital stay. The variety in countries, the travel and accommodation costs highly influence the total expenses related to the surgical treatment of different...

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A number of health care providers offer different solutions for spinal surgeries all over the world. The diversity of quality and costs is very high even inside Europe. On the other hand, health tourism is more and more popular and patients seek for safe and high...

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Spine surgical consultation during the pandemic

Our private spine surgical consultation and spine care service is running in the Buda Health Center according to the relevant regulation. Examination and treatment are performed in accordance with the decree of the government. Safety of patients and health care...

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